All Products reviewed in this blog post were gifted to me, courtesy of Old English Company. However, all views and opinions are my own.

The lovely people at the Old English Company contacted me and asked if i would like to choose some of their products to do a review on my blog with, they gave me £50 to spend on products, and let me loose on their website!

There website is lovely, easy to navigate and they have loads and loads of amazing products to choose from; mugs, pins, prints, cards, homewear and stationary.

As you can imagine, i spent a good while looking through all the beautiful products on the webiste and if i’m totally honest, it took me a week to decide what i was going to choose!

I know, i know, procrsatination at it’s finest!

so let’s see, what did i finally choose…

Enamel Tiger Mug


When i saw this it was one of those “i just gotta have it” items. I absolutely adore tigers, they are my favourite animal ever and i would love to own one as a pet!

As this isn’t really an option right now, i figured this mug would have to suffice for the time being, it’s a Shame as i would really have liked the fluffy type!

As we are moving into our new house shortly a nice new mug will come in very handy, also i’m a binge drinker of tea so it will be put to very good use.

“You can and You will” A5 Planner

“Things in my head” A6 Notepad


I’ve been in a massive funk over the past few months, i lost my motivation and as i’ve perfected procastination so well over the years it kinda made it easy to keep me in my funk too!

When i saw this planner, it made me smile, because no matter what shit has been thrown my way in life there is one thing i know for sure, and that is “I can and I will” get through it!

Fits perfectly dont you think?

What I love about these planners is that they don’t have dates printed inside so you can add the date as you go along within it, if your like me and dont tend to write daily then this is why having no dates is so fab! Also it’s set up for the list lovers with bullet points added to each line, there’s also a little notes section at the bottom.

“You’re Entirely Bonkers” Print


I love this print and chose this for my eldest daughter (8yr old), she’s a fan of Alice in Wonderland and it fits her perfectly as she really is Entirely Bonkers!

She will be having her own bedroom when we’ve moved into our new house and i thought this would be a lovely addition to a few other things i’ve already got for her room, and this will also no doubt set her off on a love for a collection of prints too!

I will definitely be going back to the Old English Company for more as they have a huge selection of prints to choose from.

The prints they sell on their site come in a choice of 3 sizes for most and some with a choice of colour too!

“Call Dad” Coaster & Fathers Day Card


As it’s Father’s Day soon i chose this card and coaster for my Dad. He’s a bit of a handyman and as he IS the best Dad in the world this will do nicely!

The coaster, well… it explains itself really! haha

Stay Weird & Everything You Can Imagine Coasters


I figured it’s only fair i got a couple of coasters for myself too, being an expert tea drinker i will be needing somewhere to place my lovely new cup!

That’s all my Lovely items. I will definitely be using the Old English Company for future purchases… I never did choose all the stationary i wanted!

Until next time!

Much Love

Laura xx

Hey All, Happy May Day!

I’ve been looking forward to this month, it’s the start of some great new beginnings for me and the kids with our new home being ready this month we’ll be spending a lot of our time getting it into a shape we want, decorating rooms, buying new furniture etc, it’s going to be fun!

I thought I’d start May off with sharing my goals for the month – New month, New me and all that!


Here are my 5 Goals for May:

  1.  Setting up a Budget  – I decided I need a budget, I used to be really good at this but lately it seems I have just given up on it, my money just floats away and I have literally no idea where it’s gone to. It could be quite possible that I gave up on this as I didn’t really have to have a plan for my money with having no rent or bills to pay other than my car! But now is the time to get my shit together again and get this sorted as top priority!
  2.  Starting an Online Course – I’ve been looking into doing a few online course lately and still undecided which I’d like to start first. I will be picking out of a hat at this rate! I want to get one started before the end of this week, I may go back and finish my nutrition course before starting on something new.
  3. Create more for my Blog – I’ve been working on a plan for my blog over the past few weeks and as all my things are in storage at the moment I’ve no access to my props that I’d got hold of just before moving! I’ve been using some pictures from Pixaby but I want to get going with my own photo’s – not that I’m any good with the whole photography thing – but I do believe once I manage to start getting my own pictures up onto my blog then the blog will feel more like it belongs to me! If that makes sense.
  4. Walk more – I’ve got lazy! It’s really that simple, I use my car wayyyy more than I need to so I want to stop that habit and just get my legs moving, the weather is almost nearly kinda nice again so what better time to start.
  5. Set up a good routine – This is already a work in progress, I have a routine set up, its just fine tuning it that’s taking the time. obviously the child side of the routine is going to change soon as we move into our own house but for now it’s going ok! My bedtime routine and sleep is a bit of a mess due to my little one teething but the rest, things like social media, blogging etc seem to be coming together better. definitely needs work though!

So there we have it, five of my goals for May, although I do have a few more I’m working on, these are where my focus will be with for the month.

What are some of your goals for the month of May?

Until Next Time.

Much Love

Laura xx