Sleep Habits and How to wake up ready for the day ahead

Sleep Habits and How to wake up ready for the day ahead


Sleep Habits


Everyone knows that having a good nights sleep impacts how we feel the next day. If you do manage a good nights sleep you’ll notice the fantastic feeling the next day, how productive you are and how refreshed you’ve become.

Having poor sleep will leave you feeling sluggish and tired, you may even have a few aches & pains here and there. Slowed thinking, trouble paying attention, heavy eyelids, and feeling irritable are other warning signs.

There are many causes of sleep deprivation, here are a few examples: work, chores, babies, worrying, parties or a late night Netflix session.

If you’re feeling sleepy frequently during the day, you might simply need to make more time to sleep.

It’s said that most adults need at least eight hours of sleep every night to be well rested, but this varies from person to person.

The bottom line is you should sleep for however many hours it takes for you to feel rested, refreshed, and fully alert the next day. If you’ve had a good sleep, you shouldn’t feel drowsy during the day.

Sleep Habits and How to wake up ready for the day ahead

My Sleepless Nightmare…

Around 10 years ago (Yes I’m this old), I was a contract worker in a factory, I was working twelve-hour night shifts, six days a week for most weeks and for the other weeks I was working five days a week for twelve hours… I liked the money of course.

because I worked the night shifts it was really difficult to get my mind to switch off for sleep. what made it more difficult was that it was now daylight when I finished my shifts and my mind and body just weren’t ready for the conversion of daytime sleeping!

I would get home around 7.30am, and after work I just wanted to chill out for a bit, take off the heavy boots and uniform and have a nice hot bath to soak off all the dust and dirt that comes with working in a warehouse for twelve hours. For the first couple of weeks working here, I was having no trouble at all falling asleep. I wasn’t used to working so many hours for so many days! Sleep was the easy part.

Or so I thought…

Roughly into the third or fourth week of working the long shifts, I was getting home roughly the same time, 7.30am, doing my usual chill out with some Tv for half an hour, get stripped off and have a nice soak in the bath to get rid of the muck then get ready for bed for 9.30- 10am, except now the sleep took longer to take hold and I was awake for another 3-4hrs meaning I wasn’t getting to sleep until 1-2pm!

This was never good, as I was only getting four hours of sleep a day, I resorted to drinking energy drinks and taking Pro-plus throughout the day. These things did the job for staying awake (although I wouldn’t recommend using this method) but they also impeded my sleep when I got home even more than before.

I was struggling with sleep, I was restless, irritable and just plain and simple knackered!

My mum had some herbal tablets called Kalms Night and suggested I try them out, at first I was apprehensive of taking some herbal “witch doctor” remedy but at this point I would try anything.

So I started taking the recommended dose each day (I worked the nights), at first they didn’t help so for three or four days I was still awake for hours after work, still a moody cow and still not getting a good sleep.

However after the fourth or fifth day, I’d noticed that I was getting drowsy quicker, usually around the time I wanted to be asleep which was after my bath so if got into bed with a book, after a few minutes reading I was totally blasting out the Z’s!

The next day I felt amazing, a lot more energetic and I wasn’t the moody bitch I’d become and the days went by so wonderfully. It took around a week for the Kalms to do a proper job with me and get me totally back on track but it was worth waiting it out for after so many weeks of not being able to sleep.

Sleep Habits and How to wake up ready for the day ahead

I highly recommend Kalms to anyone who is not sleeping well enough and feel they need a little help. when I had the opportunity to work with the company I was more than happy to write-up my own experience.

Most people experience short-term insomnia at some point. Insomnia includes having trouble falling asleep, having trouble getting back to sleep, and waking up too early.

Short-term insomnia will last only a few days and is usually not a cause for concern. Your internal body clock will readjust itself within several days.

Insomnia is considered chronic when it lasts most nights for a few weeks or more. If it goes on day after day, and nothing you do seems to help, you should see a health care professional, particularly if you cannot find a cause.

Whatever the reason for your sleep loss, it takes a toll on us both mentally and physically. While we sleep, our bodies secrete hormones that affect our mood, energy, memory, and concentration.

How To Wake Up Ready For The Day Ahead


Sleep Habits and How to wake up ready for the day ahead


One in three people suffer from poor sleep – as many as 21 million individuals – and it’s often identified by feelings of tiredness, low energy and irritability. However, worryingly, it can also lead to impaired judgement, reduced memory, and even a reduction in life expectancy.
It’s no surprise that sleep deprivation can have a considerable negative impact on quality of life and a good night’s sleep is essential to allow us to feel refreshed and ready to perform at our best every day.

Herbal remedies prove immensely popular with those struggling to sleep and Valerian root extract is a traditional herbal remedy used for centuries due to its sedative effect.

Kalms Night tablets offer a helping hand for those experiencing poor sleep as they contain this soothing ingredient to encourage a refreshing, restful night’s slumber, allowing you to #wakeupready for the day ahead.

Unlike some sleep remedies, Kalms Night won’t leave you feeling drowsy the next day.
Kalms Night tablets are available to purchase online at and supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.
Kalms Night RRP: £5.17 for 50 tablets, Kalms One-A-Night RRP £5.49 for 21 tablets.



6 tips to help you create the perfect sleep retreat


Here are six simple tips to help create the perfect sleeping sanctuary and ensure you have a restful night’s sleep:

  1. Make sure your bedroom is clean and tidy – Piles of dirty washing and unwashed dishes can make your bedroom a messy, unhygienic and an unrelaxing environment. Keeping a clean bedroom can help declutter your mind and help you drift off peacefully
  2. Try a traditional herbal remedy – Valerian root found in Kalms Night has been used for centuries due to its herbal sedative effect ( Drift off to sleep peacefully and #WakeUpReady to face the day
  3. Think green – Research suggests that certain colours can have an impact on our mood. Green and blues are great for bedrooms as they promote nature and tranquillity
  4. Cut the caffeine – It’s no surprise that caffeine can have a negative impact on the way we sleep. As a general rule, it is best to not consume any caffeine after 3pm
  5. Clear your busy schedule – Stop working an hour before you go bed and allow yourself some downtime, which will help your mind to relax. Instead of scrolling through Instagram, pick up an interesting book or magazine
  6. Establish a regular relaxing bedtime routine – Sticking to a regular nightly routine can aid a refreshing night’s sleep. Try having a shower or bath before going to bed. The warm water can relax your muscles and help you to drift off peacefully when going to sleep

If you try to address your sleeping problems but your symptoms persist beyond 3-4 weeks, you should consult a doctor to check whether there may be an underlying cause for your sleep problems. You should also review the medications you are taking to make sure that they are not causing your sleep problems.


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