Sunday Sit Down Series #2

Welcome to week two of the Sunday Sit Down Series as Sundays are a more chilled out part of my week I wanted to start a Series where I can reflect on the past week.

If you haven’t read week one of the series then go check it out and find out what I’ll be talking about and discussing throughout the series.

Let’s get started!

Health, wellbeing and fitness

This week I’ve been walking, woohoo! I’ve only managed two days of over 10,000 steps but again this is a massive improvement, as I’m a huge fan of driving everywhere – I used to live literally around the corner from the kid’s school and still drove them – yes it probably took me more time getting them into the car than it would have to walk them around!

I’m still keeping up with my Vitamins and Minerals and yes I still see a massive improvement in my mood and even though my sleep is still all over the place, I’m not as tired as I have been throughout the day. It’s fantastic!

Still to work on are, My eating habits, these are still a bit of a mess so I need to start setting some alarms I think to tell me when to eat for a while. Sleep, I’m getting roughly 5-6 hours of disturbed sleep a night (or morning if you count the fact I don’t get to bed until gone midnight).

Social Media

This week I’ve not seen much of Social Media for the last part of the week, I mean I’ve been on but not had the chance to catch up with much. I’ve got involved in a couple of Twitter chats since my last Sunday Sit Down, which I found rather fun and loved the interaction.

I’ve not caught up with everyone’s blogs that I wanted to read and I’ve also not been able to do much self-promotion as I haven’t quite figured out Buffer yet, it seems to work on the laptop but won’t schedule anything from my phone, and as I’ve been mainly “phone bound” this week it’s been a pain in the arse, to say the least!


My Blog I’m a little bit gutted that I haven’t managed to get done what I wanted with my content this week, I’ve literally just not had the time or energy. My aim is to get three posts out a week as a minimum, I have my brain dumps done, I have partly completed drafts but I haven’t had much internet to carry on playing around with those.

Goal Review

Taking my own photos, that would be a no. I’ve taken photo’s this week but for my blog… NO! As before, I’ve literally had no time for blog life this week.

My budget didn’t last long haha! It’s all for a good reason though so I’m not pissed at myself for this at all. I’ll tell you further down as to why I’m not as gutted as I maybe should be about screwing up all my goals this week.

I am excited about some courses I’ve got lined up though, I’ve signed up for some courses that will help me out with my blogging experience, these should help me with Social Media, Productivity, Blog-Life balance etc and it’s probably good to do these now while I’m fairly new to my blog to help me and you get a better experience from my blog.

My Week Overall

This week has been Fantastic, you may be looking at this now thinking – How exactly has it been fantastic when you’ve got nothing done, your behind on your goals and basically been a hermit online all week – Well, I’ll tell you!

I signed for my house and got the keys this week and that is the most fantastic thing to have come out of this week or this year possibly. If you know a bit about me then you’ll know that I (and my five kids) have spent since the end of January living with “The Mother”, some may be wondering why I hyphenated and add italics to that and I will tell you all about it in another post in the future, for now, I don’t have time to go into it. sorry!

As for my onwards journey, things may still be a little slow for the time being with all my online activities as I will be working on the house and getting moved in hopefully by the end of next week. I hope you can all bear with me and I apologise now if I don’t manage to get round to all comments and replies etc over the next week or two, I don’t ignore you, I will catch up with everything as soon as I can.

I am so overly excited to get the house sorted so that I can finally get all my stuff out of storage and the kids can get all their clothes, toys etc back and get back to being their happy little selves! It’s been no fun, we’ve lived out of bags (only clothes & all Winter one’s at that) for the past three months, it’s going to be like Christmas opening all our boxes and seeing all the things we’ve forgotten about over the past months (the kids Christmas prezzies all got packed up pretty much as they opened them, so yea will definitely be Christmas again for them)! haha.

I’d just like to take this time to Thank Everyone who has stuck with me through the crappiness over the past few months and I promise I’ll be giving a lot more interaction as the months’ progress and upping my content as soon as I can, which is a lot closer now!

Until Next Time.

Much Love

Laura xx




Sunday Sit Down – #1

Sundays are a more chilled out part of my week so I wanted to start a Sunday Sit Down Series, where I can reflect on the past week.

I will use this series to talk about some of the things going on in my life and to also discuss other things such as my blog, have a review of my goals to see what I’ve achieved and what I need to be working towards, my social media experience and much more as the series progresses.

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*Disclaimer – This post contains an affiliate link, this means that I could receive a commission from some links in this post at no additional cost to you.*

So let’s waste no time and get this thing started!

Sunday Sit Down – #1

Blog – First off I want to talk about my blog. This week I finally took the plunge and went self-hosted with Siteground and got my theme from Pipdig, so this week I’ve mainly focused on figuring it all out, from fonts and headers to Plugins and Analytics.

I’m not very tech-savvy so its taken up a bit more time than I first expected it to, but then again I also make things more complicated for myself than they have to be if I’m totally honest!

With all this in mind, I am now behind on my content goals for this week and have some serious catching up to do.
Social Media – So far I’m loving Twitter mostly as this seems to be the best platform for bloggers and I see a lot more support from people on Twitter than any other platform I use, although I’m probably not utilising many other platforms as much as i could.

You can take a look at my other social sites here:

Facebook – I have a page (and a recently made group) and I wanted to keep up with my page as I’ve used FB forever it seems silly not to utilise the followers I already have on there.

Instagram – I love other people’s Instagrams, mine, not so much! I’m not very good with photography but I intend on getting better.

Pinterest – What a mess! I’ve been on Pinterest a good while but never took the time to figure out what to actually do with it, so because of this I used to pin everything that I thought would be of interest to me (without checking out the sites) and then never go back to them…. This platform seriously needs some work on it! Maybe I’ll just un-pin/delete the lot and start over.

I’m also on Stumbleupon and Google+ but I haven’t had chance to even think about these and figure how to work them. I really want to figure out Google+ and work well with it – after all it is Google!
Goal Review – I did a post at the beginning of the month 5 Goals For May and so far I’m a little behind, go figure!

I did set up a budget again, “yeah go me”, however, I’ve not totally stuck to it. I never added going self-hosted or purchasing a theme for my blog to my budget but to be honest I see these as an investment to my hobby rather than a stupid expense. Win!

I haven’t started an Online Course yet but I have gone back to the one I started Mid-2017 on Nutrition and i want to complete this one before starting on something new as i was really enjoying it at the time.

I have spent some time “trying” to take my own photo’s for my blog, this is still a work in progress but I’m getting the practice in so I’m happy with my efforts so far.

My routine for Social Media has been a little slow this week which I’m disappointed in so I’m working on this too. I have been interacting more with others and my commenting on other people’s blogs has increased, but I haven’t involved myself in any chats for a while which i miss.
Health, wellbeing and fitness – I’m still using my car way too much and not using my legs as they were intended for so ive still gotta work on this.

I have started taking my Vitamins and Minerals again and feeling a lot better for it, which is good! I’m also working on my eating habits as I tend to not have breakfast ever, I miss other meals and sometimes i can go a full day without having a proper meal.

I eat way too much crap – chocolate, biscuits, buns, cakes etc, which I never used to do unless visiting the mother but now since I’ve been here full-time for the past few months, its devastating to my health, complexion and mood!

I am so looking forward to not being here – not for reasons limited to food.

I’ve decided to dedicate a page in my bullet journal to my eating habits to hopefully encourage me to firstly eat, and then to eat healthily.
My Week Overall – If I had to give a rating to my week, I think I’d give it a 7/10, although i haven’t got through a lot of the stuff i wanted to, I’m still moving forwards, which is a massive improvement from what i can say about the previous few months.

As I see it, if I’m making progress, no matter how small, then that’s an achievement and I’m happy with what I have got done this week.

obviously I’m not deluded, I know I still need to make a lot more improvements in areas but I’m not going to let the fact progress is slow stop me, otherwise that would just be defeating the object!

Thank you for taking the time out to read and support my blog. I’m really enjoying being back and hope to work on my blog content a lot more as the weeks progress.

I’m really grateful for all your support and look forward to carrying on this journey with you all.

Much Love

Laura xx